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WTF?! Yeah it's a rap album I had a lot of fun making it, but surprisingly it was a very exhausting task. Please enjoy and contribute what you feel it's worth. If your wondering about my next vaporwave release please see the *NOTE...

*NOTE: To my normal listeners this is a rap album. "90's BREEZE" and "FORTUNE BRONZE" are as close to vaporwave as your going to get until my next vaporwave release, but please if you like trill rap go ahead and give it a listen. Thank you all.


released August 5, 2016




ULTRA WAV California

Beats, Vaporwave, Samples, and Originals. Est in the 90's

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Track Name: Twerkin' Ass Bitches
All the bad bitches at the turn up
Some snorting coke gonna blow up
Moving real fast like Daytona
500 I've seen it these bitches are creeping
Their noses are bleeding like murder

The scheme of their schemes will disturb ya

They're watching your pockets to pull from

The girls that be twerking they're working to work ya


It's only when I get that guap that they want to talk

Looking hoping praying that I have a yacht

I ain't got that shit in fact I'm unemployed

But they're always looking for a fuk boi

Jacking his gains the fuk boi get played
They're doing their thing when they're rolling away
They got all his stacks
They made their attack
His bankroll is dead arrest cardiac

Heart attack motherfucker that's what you done had
Six feet under boi thats your new pad
You should of watched your pockets you went and got had
By the frogs hanging out on the lily pad
Your shit is real sad man real fucking sad
That these bitches ran you out like an old hag...
I don't need no Jordans call them J's on my feet
I'm just stacking up this guap keep rolling on these beats
I ain't stealing VST's but I may sample like mentioned
When I'm bumping these wavs bitches lose hair extensions
Going all out on that bass when it hit in their face
Old folks may meet their maker when the toms right in place
Rolling down the street clipping when amping this bass

Lili yung stork:
When I'm paper making everyone want to know why
I do it so fast man I done made the haters cry
Making that cash in what people deem as over night
Getting them stacks in the wee hours of the night
Spooky scary skeletons dem motherfuckers ain't a fright
Smoking that hemp keep me calm all through the night
Getting that cash you know my bankroll is hella tight
Making these tracks from the wavs keeps my pockets right.

Repeat of the first lead in.
Track Name: BOSSED OUT
When I look back I know things could of been fucked up
But now I got these OZ's one I might just smoke up
Smoking staying lit like the hoods about to go up
They trying to keep me down but a nigga keep on floating up

Girls don't wanna talk to me they lean away and scoff at me but when I
Get my riches all the bitches gonna flock to me

Fire on the beats fire means heat melting down gold for the verse I'm about
To speak

The better you spit the more friends you lose

The power you get the more changing moods

It goes from what you know to what you knew

All the things you couldn't do are one leap away and who the fuck is stopping you?

Roll the dro and take a hit

All the other fuckers quit

Speeding like a demon with a nitro fix

I'm endowed to manage it

Haters talking bullshit

I don't give a fuck no need to embellish it


No need to embellish it bitch


Rolling all the good splifs

Taking all the good hits

Living my life top shelf to the fullest

If you're gonna dis than you don't understand this

I'm a boss man no need to try to brand it

I'm not partial to frivolous gains

There was a time I thoght I was going insane

but now I understand there was no one to blame

when you a beast people snap in their brain

It will drive them insane.

Not only am I a boss

Track Name: LIFA TREE OG
They got synthetics on the street man I hope you listen

If you smoke that shit you're gonna end up missing

I only smoke that real green guaranteed ambition

Sativa Lit baby those are my conditions

Grow your own smoke your own man thats whats up

If you hurting than you hurting man blaze it up

Don't need no advil nor codeine just sticky green

It keeps my eyes lit as fuck with that CBD

When I'm on the street I know synthetics gonna creep

If you smoke that shit you might end up beyond extinct

Some Walter, Jessie shit gonna leave you on the fucking brink

The chemist knows what it does no flinch or blink.
Some of my memories ain't worth shit drinking and smoking just trying to forget

Fuck my values they ain't done shit for me I smoke em away as they float with the breeze

All the fucken haters who were down talking shit are even more sad cause I'm fully legit

And when I make that cash it's like a intercepted pass

Trick this ain't a sport when my Daytons rolling past.

Watch me smoke my dreams watch me blaze them up like trees watch me blaze em up like trees trick blaze em up like trees

Watch me smoke my dreams watch me blaze them up like trees watch me blaze em up like trees bitch blaze em up like trees


Music ain't no fucking trend to try to manage

Marketing shit like you trying to sell a sandwich

I'll take a sledgehammer to you're system right quick

And get that bankroll without your trifling bullshit

A industry thats always been rigged and positioned

The statements you speak aren't part of you're mission

If you trying to win then you best do and listen

Sample them samples boy fuck the permission

Sample samples boys and girls.
Track Name: MO' SQUITO
Coolin on the front porch burning joints into a torch..
Old people sit around drinking on that royal crown..
A bad bitch come around wearing that black gown..
She said shes gonna show me how.. when? right about now..

SO CALS my main home
Fuckin with these dames though
From church girls to bro hos
Colton down to Mentone

Lifted trucks and low lows
I swear I love them bro hos they's bad as fuck for real though
When they rippin draws down to the floor

SRH and Glamis hos
Short shorts with no panties though
They buying up them Marlboros
When a Nigga in the liquor store

I act like I ain't looking though
Cause i'd rather push than be a bro
Get caught up and getting dozed
But I still fuck with bro hos

And I'm fucking with these bro hos
Fucking with these bro hos

Bro hos in SO CAL from Redlands to Moval
Just call me Max

Running on the street like I just won the lotto
Look at these Daytons trick fresh on my auto
Now I'm out of gas and I'm hunting down that petrol
Sawed off shotgun and a fresh crossbow

Sawed off shotgun and a fresh crossbow

I ain't running drugs
I ain't playing games
I'm just living my life running from the insane

Nothing left but memories
No hope in for charity's
No luck in for therapy
This is my reality

Disastrous a city scene
Gleaming lights can mean one thing
Run your ass quick when the pavement's seeking nourishing

If you make it out alive
you can call that pavement pride
Notch it in your shotgun
Dead your feeling's are inside

Sawed off shotgun and a fresh crossbow
Got the kush up in my hand
You don't seem to understand
I got the lighter I got the stash
Spark the paper up in a flash

Watching out for skeezers and the paper ho's

Flipping all this money though

Smoking that hemp save the ozone

Doing like it's never been done before

Stuntin in a '64

Letting switches hit the floor

Clipping them amps watch the bass roar

as it rumbles through the floor

Shaking the jelly on them hood ho's

Rampage on down through the street

Hype E's all up on their feet

If your couch locked than I'm knowing that you feel this beat